What is an “ataboy”?


What is an “ataboy”?

noun: Military in origin, an official recognition or commendation for good work that is recorded in one’s personnel file, specifically one that is a positive influence in a subsequent pay raise or promotion.
“Jones wasn’t HR’s choice for the new department manager, but the attaboys he got from the customer for that last project convinced the VP to lean on the Personnel weenies on his behalf”
Attaboy is an American (I assume) colloquialism basically shortened from “that’s a good boy”. Usually used when ones dog successfully retrieve a stick or ball; or if it’s a hunting dog when it retrieves a dead duck, etc.

I’m not sure this is appropriate for a 35 year old man in the work environment, but OK if it’s a buddy or loved one saying it.
Lets keep it simple..
My dad said..”if you are going to do a job, might as well do it right”…ataboy…you did the job right!
“Ataboy Endeavours” is just my little effort to do things right.

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