Why paddle board?

You look in the mirror and say..”How hard could it be?”

In the last two months you have shed more than 25 pounds. You stomach is actually flat and there is now a bounce in your step. You have regained the old swagger and you are now starting to ignore that old eeyore voice in the back of your head saying ..”you really are not able to do physical things any more..”

Do you argue your limitation or let an Irishman convince you that..heh..you paddled a canoe and a kayak..why not a paddleboard..and without even a drop of Guinness…the pixy dust begins to work.

More news to follow on this adventure and perhaps a “Attaboy” award to Ecomarine on Granville Island BC

When the goings get weird..the Weird turn pro

country western moab


So what if your life had just turned into a country western song and you realized this in Moab, Utah while you were in a store surrounded by cowboy boots and stetson hats?

Would you embrace that moment?

Would you let go of logic and throw caution to the wind or becomeĀ  a wind dancer?

Would you let go of the love of your life and depend upon the possible spontaneous combustion of a tiny spark?

Would you..at the wise and pleasantly fermented age of 58…decide to reinvent your own self?

Not as something new but as the lost inner child that got waylaid many years ago.

What would it take..besides another quarter in the juke box?

Honour, Courage and Commitment..

Welcome aboard!