Laughing Man Foundation

Laughing Man Foundation

Java Jive by Manhattan Transfer

Put simply, I truly love coffee. I know that I can live without it but I do not want to. It is that first cup in the morning, listening to the rain or the birds outside my window. It helps me to meditate upon what I am doing on this planet.

Now there is a way to put words into action via the “Laughing man foundation”. In every human, there is that mysterious spark of hope that inspires us to make it through the day with a smile upon our faces. I learned about this when I was living with two African men from Biafra. Though they had faced poverty, death and the distinct lack of hope, they were busy at the University of Guelph learning how to bring agricultural wisdom back to their families in what is now Nigeria.

Besides the caffeine boost to the ol noggin, perhaps we as citizens of this planet, need to wake up to the reality that there are folks who are getting by with much less. The joyful thing is that their smiles come naturally and show a deep understanding of the nature of love.

So “” is now onboard to support that joy. Further information will be posted here including: Free trade products, How to support free trade and where to get a great cup of Joe!

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