In the land of honking trucks

“A recent flock of migrating Canadian geese were recently warned about making too much noise at the Pebble Beach invitation Golf tournament. Sponsors are blaming an organization in Florida for training geese to honk after the hours of 11pm or while foursomes are attempting to remove them from freshly mowed fairways. Other local animal species are also not impressed. Mating elephant seals at Nuevo Ano beach have made it known that some of the geese are also interrupting their mid-day naps” Dateline Monterey California

On a more somber note, it has been quite a while since my last post. The good news is that I still have my wits about me and I will once again be putting thoughts into words.

Of interest

A recent sailor friend has gone over his last horizon. Thankfully, his wisdom and wit are still with me. One of his favourite quotes was “I do not have time for that right now”. He was 96 when he shared that nugget with me. So it did not surprise me when my brain refined the quote into an early morning epiphany, Somewhere in the early morning land of nod, I was informing a penguin passerby that “some things just do not make sense”. Making sense is just the whim of some neuron pathway attempting to understand why people from Texas should be concerned about Trucks in Ottawa. The penguin was not impressed yet when I was seeking a parking spot on a road currently being turned into an underground railway, I noticed a flock of new adorned F150’s with Canadian Flags and hockey sticks. “Ah, Olympic fever” I smiled and then witnessed a malcontent millennial give the trucks the one-finger salute. “Must have been a previous dot comer from Salt Lake”, my cranium muttered yet I realized I was no longer in an Olympic town. Sid the kid had not scored the go-ahead goal in overtime. Nope, I was facing a refined form of malaise due to the last two years of COVID dom.

Bored with honking about town, I discovered a few drivers in a feeding frenzy at a local sports store that seemed to sell only hunting items. Why was I there? There are a few things I like to put into my “go bag” such as a viable compass, a flashlight, and a dependable knife. As far as a handgun and or a “long gun”, the last time I was in a gun shop was in Oregon wearing a kilt. That endeavour ended safer than I expected. While I listened in on discussions about how new the barrel was and what a box of bullets now cost, I looked outside to see how many trucks had hockey sticks with Canadian Flags. I retreated to a nearby town to find a compass for my friend. I figured if we are heading for the hills, I should give him a compass prior to the number bars going to zero on his phone.

So if you are reading these words, realize that my hiatus from blogging was interrupted by the Pandemic Pause. More news to follow.