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News update! Sore no more is now available in CANADA!

Sore no More Canada


Hidden..( you will have to find it on your own) some what..of the main street is an amazing eatery called “Milts”. My sister, unaware of my then current addiction to all things edible, was amazed at how many times my son and I went to this place during our first visit to Moab.

My sis was also not aware of what foolishness my son and I could get up to but she paid for the rental of some amazing mountian bike and set us loose into the local parks. It was in Dead Horse Point State Park that we both tested our ability to bicycle. We learned the hard way that the desert plants like to puncture tires, you never ride at noon, sand is not easy to peddle through, the trail signs may fall down and heat exhaustion usually occurs when you ride back down the same trail looking for your father. Yet if all else fails…Milts is the place to go after running rivers, climbing mountains or mountain biking.

I must confess..I love the staff at this place and for many reasons but one waitress noticed the distressed look in my face after my leap of faith visit to Dead Horse State Park. I had a deep empathy for the abandon horses and my abandonment to actual let go and trust the bike..”Wow Dad..your doing great”…but my limbs could not lie.

An observant waitress noticed the pained look in my face..beneath the sweat and red dirt streaks. She said..”your sore aren’t you”..and I even hurt to move my neck. She handed me a sample of a lotion that looked like a container of ketchup and told me to use the washroom to apply this sample of “Sore no more”..”and remember to wash your hands and don’t touch your…ah..private parts” she warned me.

I must confess, after a third refill of lemon aid and an amazing burger..I was reading and prepared to sacrifice my body to the red rock earth of Moab. It is without hesitation, that I recommend using this gel for all things that ache. I have even used the stuff for head aches.

So on my second visit, I sought out the source of this lotion. While my sister, ever patient waited in her car, I went into the factor and came out as the British Columbia Sales Representative. I figured, this stuff sells it’s self and besides..who really enjoys being sore? not hesitate and there is no need to put life and limb to the test. Just contact me and you will be telling everyone about how your “sore no more”.

If you are interested in a visit or would like to sample this amazing gel/lotion, please contact me at

Ataboy Endeavours

c/o I.E. Mac Beane

PO Box 61002

Langara PO

Vancouver, BC


email :




2 thoughts on “Sore no More

  1. I tried sore-no-more a few days ago and I have to say, I am impressed! I have some back pain I am receiving treatment for. My problem is soreness at night that makes it difficult to fall asleep. I tried Voltaren and found it did nothing. I tried sore-no-more and immediately the pain was gone. It allowed me to have a good night’s sleep. This stuff really works!


  2. I used sore no more during my 7 days staGe mountain bike race in BC what I really enjoyed about the product was I was able to get some relief at night get rid of the sore knees so that the next day I felt just as fresh as I did on day one.
    I also like that the product was all natural ingredients. and now that I’m not doing a 7-day stage race I still find myself using it every once in awhile after I’ve done heavy lifting at work or just gotten home from a big hike with my dogs.
    Thank Marc


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