“I have a school boy heart and a novelist eye” New story update!

“Like I said before…I ain’t a drinking man” but I got highly irregular in Newport and swore I would never do it again…drink that is.

Well like Jimmy, I am definitely growing older but not up which includes a host of stories that I hope to publish soon under the guise of a hounds point of view from within a man’s noggin.

I will keep you all posted on this endeavor.

As my buddy Earl from Atlanta once said…”hell he doesn’t just play Jimmy Buffet songs..he actually lives em”..so here is to you..Earl and Jimmy.. for inspiring me to roll those “r’s and g’s” and to celebrate those things that make me weak in the knees..and to see whatz SUP


Coming soon..

What is the story about?

Max tattoo

Here is the introduction:

Welcome dear reader. I know that it is true that on a computer you never know if it is a human, robot or even a dog. That is why I must clarify that the author of this story is both a man and his dog spirit “Max”. It is more than just a story though because in this one-hour session of writing, Max was in charge of the content while his owner was being used to actually push the keys. Yes, I know, there is the faraway look in your eyes. Oh boy, here we go again another flight of fantasy. Well I guess there is a bit of leap of faith here. Really, who knows who is writing this tale or tail? I tried to tell my owner that it would be ok to reveal my thoughts. He, being a human, suggested that we just look at it as fiction and be done with that.

Any way, in this story of love, you…my humble audience will see how a dog spirit is able to both share and explore what it is to truly discover and then let go of true love. Now dogs already know about unconditional love, which make me wonder what my real job is. Imagine a jellyfish, a blob of protoplasm with a few gonads and a nervous net. Got that image? Ok, now take away all the objective stuff, the tissue, the individual cells and still, there is the pulsating contraction within the nervous net. Well that sort of describes me. I am “Max” and my spirit moved into my owner as he was burying me on the fifth hole of..find name of course.

Yes, perhaps this could be some pseudo inventive artistic venture or the desperate acts of a madman. Trust me, I have spent way too much time just figuring out how to take over my owner’s brain to go mute. No muzzle for me, I am going to get this story completed but you will have to be patient with me. I am a dog’s spirit and my integration into a human and his brain has not been the easiest of paths to follow. Unlike, humans, I follow my nose and not having a nose now is ..well a challenge. My owner’s senses are strong enough but not his nose. So for just a bit, indulge me. Pat me on the head and realize that there is a message here that may even take away the fears of the unknown that you humans like to create.

If anything, remember that my owner is a good man. Even “Vanilla Girl” said that. He is working his way out of a muddle and I do hope my one hour sessions are as helpful as his spirit therapist visit. The good news is that I am not charging an hourly rate. I am simply asking for the use of his body for at least nine hours of his life. I hope and believe that I can get it all together. Intutitively speeking, I am not a story teller but my owner is. I have left notes or scents for him to follow and I will let you know when that happens.

Ah, I can sense your doubt still. It is a spirit thing, a gift I guess. Yes, a sane man could not do what is happening now. He would ignore the voices or barks in his head. Yet what would happen if he actually just accepted and went with it. If he just through open his his heart to the universe and cried out “you fix this mess!|. You see, my owner and I have already had this conversation. He couldn’t help him self so I stepped in. Yet I am getting ahead of my own story. Breath in and out, feel the anima of life, the breath of the soul and just let the words flow into your own conscience. I have fetched many things in my own life and now, it seems, that I need to compose this story to make my mission as a spirit complete. If anything, this is a story about a spark of hope; it’s spirit guardian and what it can ignite.

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