primo moab morning

If Opportunity Doesn’t Come Knocking, Build A Door

Some say “that with each door that closes, another one opens” and yet wouldn’t that make a very drafty situation?

These words and ideas are the rumination of a salty pup that has been around the sun enough time to be thankful that he is on the right side of the turf.  Yes, the storyline may be random yet sprinkled in between the quotes you may find some nuggets of practical wisdom.

A mentor recently told me that in regards to the toils and troubles of today’s world, that he just did not have time for that. He is 92.

So am following his lead and opting to play my fun card while I still have it.

When I first started this blog, I was in the high desert.

As I recall the story went like this..

Ships Log : Moab

So another morning Moab began, the last before going back home to Vancouver.

“What is waiting there but a new challenges and perhaps another door”.

beau trainer

Neither Beau nor I was buying into that one.  We both know that even if you bring home the best found treat..say a freshly killed duck or some aromatic road kill..there is no telling what the lady of the house is going to think. Yet..we do what we do..because we can.

The way i see it..love and other joys in life need to be celebrated and not feared. So these stories and my company “Ataboy Endeavours” are my own little way of bringing analog ideas back into style and to spread a little light, love and peace.

I have a spark of hope that I need to keep alive with each breath I breath.

So..dear reader..may my thoughts and actions inspire you.

Do not get hung up on the how and whys, get out there and adopt a path of action.

End of log entry

It is now a few years later and my buddy Beau is now waiting over the horizon.

I welcome you to my perceptions.

Feel free to reply.

If I do not respond asap it is either because I am on  my board or the phone is turned off.

Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish. John Quincy Adams

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